MY FIRST VISIT TO GOOP at Brentwood Country Mart!

MY FIRST VISIT TO GOOP at Brentwood Country Mart!

My first visit at the @goop store in the Brentwood country mart was more impressive than I imagined!

So I walk in and it’s almost like a chic little house the way it’s designed, bright, clean, totally Gwenyth.. lol. Love it.


She had everything from Jeans from Redone, bags from Staud, Rolex Watches, great Greenspan Kitchenware, and homeware.. but what stuck out most to me were the hints of spirituality in the goop brands and the sex positive atmosphere! A whole sex section for buyers to pick up toys, books, and products. Which I’m going to be going back and checking out the stuff and writing about the sex section specifically because it’s so amazing for sexuality encouraged and to be displayed in such a space as goop! Not the mention crystals peppered all over the store!   

I wanted to share what I think of what of I took home so far.. The Ashwaganda/Ginger energy body wash, the Rose hip black pepper energy body oil, the goop glow microdermabrasion, the goop malachite pore cleanser, and the goop body glow!


Here are a few of my throughts on the products I picked up last week!!

The malachite cleanser:

malachite for spiritual uses is often called the “stone of transformation” and is used for deep energy cleaning, bringing healing and positive transformation to the wearer.

So it totally makes sense for that to be a great way to give your face a transformative deep healing cleanse that heals not only the skin but the soul also. How cool!


Black pepper and rose hip energy body oil:


I love a great shine on my body but I don’t like to be greasy. I have been blending my own essential oils to match their spiritual correspondences. Black pepper in this oil add a wonderful Marsherb that is excellent in works for building protection, strength, confidence, and inventiveness, and it is often incorporated into blends aimed at martial deities, like war gods.

Rose hip is used for love, and can raise divinatory energies, unveil mysteries, provide protection and aid in matters of truth and things of beauty. So with both of these combined I can enjoy a great body glow, that radiates love strength and confidence!


Ashwaganda ginger energy body wash:


I love adaptogencs, and when I saw that this body wash has Ashwaganda in it I had to get it. I’ve never had them in a body product!!!! Super cool. I was curious how this works. So from what I know about Ashwaganda. Ashwaganda is a  adaptogenic herb that helps your body manage stress. Adaptogens help lower cortisol levels, lower blood sugar, and fight anxiety and depression. So absorbing this into your pores during your hot shower gives an extremely relaxing sensation while you have ginger incorporated.. an uplifting root! when you use it’s essence it has many benefits including attraction courage love money peace prosperity and energy!!!

A great way to start your morning absorbing positive energy, relaxing the stress in your body, while creating vibrations in the body to give you energy, courage, and to bring you love and prosperity!


The goop glow:

I never use body shimmer or highlighter but I picked this one up, I put a bunch on and went out in the sun and you know what. It’s an awesome shimmer not too light and not too much and “stripper-y”! Lol.



It says 2x weekly for this treatment but I was using an exfoliant so the sales person told me to use it 1x a week for now. It smells so light, it’s gritty and gets the job done. My face shined so much after doing this, and the next morning I was producing natural skin oils feeling bright and refreshed after using the exfoliant.

I really enjoyed my visit and there was so so much more that I want to get to check out from there, I am very impressed and excited about the quality, the effect and the result of everything I bought at the Goop store! 


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